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You already have a career, why add "Social Media Marketer" to your plate as well? That's where we come in.

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You have zero time to post on social media consistently, even though you know how important it is for your business?

You're tired of not getting leads through social media because your branding and messaging is off?

You're lost at where to start with branding yourself and your business, hashtags, engagement, copywriting, and how to position yourself as an expert.

Have a beautiful and eyecatching social media presence that positions you as the go-to realtor in your city

Imagine if You Could:

Focus on selling and buying homes for your clients

Post consistently across social media platforms with strategic content and attention-grabbing copywriting

What I Offer:

Social Media Content Creation Package

Put your social media marketing on autopilot!

What's Included:

  • Custom Text Graphics for Holidays, Quotes, etc. 

  • Custom Graphics for Just Closed/Just Listed Posts

  • 20 Eye-Catching, High-Quality Stock Photos

  • Juniper Abbey Real Estate Bundle with Captions, Ideas, + Hashtags

  • Video and Photo Editing of Original Content

Social Media Management 

You're a busy person- let's take social media off of your plate.

What's Included:

  • Social Media Management for Instagram and Facebook

  • Full Branding Strategy

  • Instagram Account Refresh + Optimization

  • Custom Highlight Covers

  • 3 Posts/Week 

  • 2 Stories/Week

  • Custom Just Sold/Just Listed Graphics

  • Custom Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Strategic Caption Copy Writing

  • Hashtag Strategy for Each Post

  • Engagement for 10 Minutes a Day

  • Comment and DM Management

  • Use of Analytics for Optimal Posting and Content

Social Media Marketing Training 

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Let me teach you everything I know!

What's Included:

  • 1-Hour 1-on-1 Social Media Marketing Training

  • Juniper Abbey Real Estate Bundle with Captions, Ideas, + Hashtags

  • Instagram Account Refresh + Audit

  • Email Check-ins for extra guidance + support 

Our clients have been seen on the Top 50 Illinois Real Estate Agents On Social Media by Property Spark

Purchase the Juniper Abbey

Real Estate Social Media Bundle

100+ Pre-Written, Copy-Paste Captions

100+ Post Ideas to build Like-Know-Trust with your Target Audience

5+ Instagram Stories for each day of the week to stay top-of-mind.

200+ Real Estate Hashtags to Grow Your Business

What Client's Are Saying

Rubina Bokhari

Vice President of Sales with Jameson Sotheby's International Realty


Maddy continues to amaze me! Her posts and stories are so well done. She's creative, professional, and on top of it constantly.

Social media is so important to my business and Maddy has made my page stand out from the rest. I get compliments from clients and friends all the time. I am so appreciative to her for her talents and skills and for helping me grow my brand via social media.

Thank you!!!

Karen Mason

Real Estate Broker with @properties

North Shore Chicago


Madeleine is a pleasure to work with, and very responsive! She continues to blow me away with her consistent creativity, post ideas, and relevant content. She's always on top of it, never misses a post, and makes them all look original. I highly recommend her to anyone that is trying to grow their business and maximize exposure.

Bille Diamond

Real Estate Broker with @properties

North Shore Chicago

Maddy is fantastic and has elevated my presence online in such a stylish and professional way. My clients and friends have really noticed and I get compliments on my social media posts all the time! I was completely overwhelmed by my social media presence  (or lack thereof). I struggled with consistency, the stress of providing useful and valued content, but most of all, the ability to make it look amazing was impossible for me! 
Maddy does it all and makes it look effortless. Thank you!

Why Work With Us?

I've helped dozens of real estate agents become an expert in their market and show up consistently on social media through strategic and attention-grabbing posts.  I can help you have a branded social media presence, post consistently while growing your following of potential clients, become the expert in your city, and be seen as the go-to person for real estate in your market. I have experience with branding and an eye for design to make your social media eye-catching and attractive to your target audience. I've worked with Realtors to establish them as experts and specialists on social media through strategic posts and clever copy-writing. I understand the importance of selling the lifestyle around the home, not just the house itself, so I am strategic, attentive, do my research, and stay up to date on real estate trends to ensure you're always putting out the best, up-to-date content.

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