Why I Had to Pivot my Mindset & Not my Business During COVID

I dreamed of owning my own business on a flight back home from Bali. Sitting on that plane, I knew I needed to do two things. One, I needed to find a way to see the world and two, I needed to find a career I was passionate about. After I started my business, I finally felt like I found my calling. After a few months, I took the leap and quit my job and the rest is history!

Now, fast forward to this spring.

When COVID-19 hit, I had to cut my 5-month European travels short...4 months at 3 weeks short.

As I returned home after my 17 days across the pond and restrictions were being put into place more aggressively, I saw a major shift in the entrepreneurial space and it threw me for a curveball.

I saw so many Boss Babes and Gurus in this space pivot their business quicker than you could say Coronavirus.

My Instagram feed was consumed with new courses, new e-books, new services, and “How to Pivot Webinars” (how’d they do that so fast?)

Not only was I hit with a big wave of imposter syndrome during the first month of quarantine, but I sincerely never felt the need to start something new during that time nor was I even motivated to.

But COVID did make me pivot something else: my business mindset.

I started my business because I wanted to travel, plain and simple.

I never really had the dream to work from home (although I do enjoy working in my pajamas)

I dreamed of the freedom and the flexibility to work from where ever, whenever.

But like many things, that “work and travel dream” was put on hold indefinitely.

COVID made me realize that I had to adjust my business mindset because I was no longer working for freedom and flexibility, but I was working to keep my client’s businesses afloat during such a crazy, trying time.

Although I’m stuck in my 400 sqft studio apartment and not working from a Caribbean beach, I’m so thankful to have been able to work during these past few months.

Although I didn’t put out a new offer, start a new business, and lose 40 lbs, I kept my clients happy and marketed their businesses to the best of my ability which is a win in my book.

Pivoting my business mindset and personal identity from “world traveler” to just a plain and simple “social media manager” wasn’t easy but I’m proud of the mental work I put in during this time

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