Update + Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now!

First things first, why should LinkedIn be a part of your business's social media plan?

Well, if you think about it, LinkedIn is the "professional", "networking" social media platform. Those two words should make my point. Take real estate for example (my forte), your connections most likely have established careers and steady income. Now you see an update that John Doe received a promotion at work ($$$), liking and congratulating him on his accomplishment is a GREAT relationship building (sales) touch-point- keeping you on top of mind in a more personal way. Furthermore, this is a great place to show your expertise and knowledge in your business sector and expand your reach ten-fold. Here's why: When you scroll through LinkedIn's news-feed, 80% of the posts are "John Doe Liked This" and it's someone else's (not in your network) post. Am I right? Anything you post has the potential to show up on all of your connection's, connection's feeds, expanding your reach, your name, and your business.

Okay, the tips:

  • → Fill out your ENTIRE Bio, Intro, and About Me section. Believe it or not, not many people have this filled out completely. How are people supposed to contact you if you don't have any information on your profile? YOUR HEADLINE: This follows you around LinkedIn- make sure it's attention-grabbing and people know EXACTLY what you do when they read it. This isn't a guessing game. YOUR PICTURE: A professional, well-lit head-shot is the best way to go. Profiles with a picture are 80% more likely to be accepted as a connection and receive connection requests. YOUR ABOUT ME: Let's be real, this is about how far people will scroll down on your page. Again, make this attention-grabbing, have a good "Headline" to draw people in, and if you're a real estate agent or in sales, include your phone number or contact info!

  • → Fill out your Licenses & Certifications & Accomplishments Self-explanatory, if someone wants to work with you, they will scroll all the way down here to see your qualifications and what if they see you're not certified to do anything?

  • → Fill out any volunteer information, clubs, organizations. LinkedIn is a networking website, what better way to grow your network than showing what groups you are involved with. This is also a great way to reach out to people..."Hey! I saw you volunteer with Make-a-Wish, I am on the board in my city! How did you get involved with them?"

  • → Skills & Endorsements & Recommendations Skills are your buzzwords! How do your clients describe you? What words do you want people to associate you with? Ask some co-workers to endorse your skills and write a recommendation and you do the same for them. Ask your clients to do the same. WHY? What do you think when you visit someone's page and you see they are endorsed 30 times for responsiveness and have 50 recommendations..."Shit! They're good..."


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