Starting a Business with a Mental Illness...

When I sat down and really thought about my brand and my business, it went far beyond just a name and color scheme. I wanted myself to be intertwined in every aspect of this business.

I thought about what brought me to this point in my life and about what was important to me. After being diagnosed with manic depression and anxiety, after years of ignoring every sign that I wasn't okay, I finally felt like I could get started on my life. Why? Because I had a diagnosis and I could start learning how to manage my emotions, but it's not always that easy.

I drew up my mission statement and brand values and I truly believe in what I was building!

If I'm being honest, I was so incredibly anxious and on edge the first month or so. What if I fail? What if someone else is doing better? What if I regret a name/font/color? Am I doing enough? What if...the thoughts were endless. I had movies playing all night so I would fall asleep to some kind of noise instead of my thoughts that would keep me anxious and awake. I avoided responsibilities and distracted myself as much as possible for days. Doing your own thing, starting a business, taking any risk isn’t pretty. I knew I wanted to share every step of this journey in hopes of being authentic and inspiring but also to look back when I have established myself in this space and help others who want to take my same path. I knew this entrepreneurial journey wasn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows or any bit easy, but I never thought it would bring out such toxic behaviors in myself. Thanks to therapy, I know to recognize those behaviors, stop, and rewire those thoughts. With every distraction, I told myself that I just needed time to refocus. With every negative thought, I gave myself 3 positive ones (even if I didn’t believe it) I’m still struggling and I think I will be for awhile while things get up and running, but I know I’m on a better path and that baby steps add up. I am doing enough. I’m setting daily intentions to have days that bring momentum to my goals and dreams but never tearing myself down when life just happens, and I need to take a step back that day and refocus instead of push forward.


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