Running a Business & Dealing with a Mental Illness

They say that mental illness is “all in your head”, but I wish that was the case.

Some days I don’t even know how my limbs aren’t made of concrete and how I will ever even focus on anything again.

When your business depends on you showing up for it 100% everyday, it’s hard to feel like you’re ever doing enough when you only feel 25% okay on a good day.

Some days are better than others and I feel productive and I feel like I’m making progress but then there’s days where I can’t even imagine clicking my mouse or opening Instagram. I’m sure you can only imagine how frustrating this could be for a social media manager...

I will say, I’m very thankful I can take the time I need to focus on myself instead of being trapped in a cubicle while still building something I’m passionate about when the stars align. But nonetheless, this journey has been a mental up hill battle (like most things in life) and I hope to share more about it as things grow!

I wrote a blog for another lovely freelancer about building my business with bipolar 2, read it here:

Stay strong, friends 💜💜💜

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