My Top 5 Social Media Tips for Realtors: Episode 4

I'm dishing out my Top 5 Social Media Tips for Realtors in my new IG TV Series!

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Did you watch my first 3 episodes?

Episode 1: What Platforms Do I Need to be on for Real Estate?⁠

Episode 2: How to Brand your Real Estate Business!⁠ ⁠

Episode 3: Prove You're the Expert with Value-Based Content⁠

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This week I'm giving you all the details on how to GROW- exactly what you want to do!⁠

I'm sure if you've been tuning in, you know where this all starts: Being Authentic.

Followers and Potential Followers will stick around if your content is that of a real person's (& if your feed is aesthetically pleasing 😉) ⁠

The next big engagement tip is using more video! So many trend reports have mentioned this in 2020 and you can see the increase of video on IG, FB, and LinkedIn! ⁠

Lastly- it all comes down to engagement and app usage. I'm going to plug my

"How to Grow Your IG Account Organically" e-book

here because there's so much info in there for you all!⁠

Last tip that will bump up your posts in the IG algorithm: Post Saves! ⁠

Creating content that people will come back to is the next BIG thing for IG. Let me know if you want me to deep dive into this concept!⁠

Questions? Leave them below! LET'S TALK! 💜⁠


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