My Top 5 Social Media Tips for Realtors: Episode 2

I'm dishing out my Top 5 Social Media Tips for Realtors in my new IG TV Series!

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This week I'm talking all about creating a memorable and cohesive brand- from scratch! ⁠

Branding is so important for professionalism and ultimately, sales.⁠

I have a FULL e-book available on my website to build your brand and it's for FREE

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I have three questions for you to sit with to start building and understanding your brand. ⁠

1. Why do people need your product or service? What sets your business apart from your competition? Is it your level of service? Your mission? Your story? Understanding what sets you apart will help with your copywriting and storytelling.⁠

2. What's your brand's 'why?'- this should be an easy answer and will help create content to share and tell your brand's story, making you personable and authentic to your audience. ⁠

3. How do you want people to feel when they see your brand or product online? This is where your creativity comes in! Pick brand elements, fonts, and colors that relate to how you want people to view their brand. ⁠

I adore branding so much, I could talk about it for days.⁠

Again, download my FREE ebook for more info on branding your business plus tons of free resources.

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Recommended Resources from my E-Book!

For branding inspiration: Pinterest & Google

Many professional designers will start a project with a mood-board which includes a color palette, fonts, & design elements & build client's brands around those key elements. 

For beginner designers: Canva

Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool website. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to photographs, vector images, graphics, and fonts. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Not only do they have pre-made color palettes, beautiful font combos, accessible design elements, but they have amazing templates for every project you may need to create.

Sign up for Canva here

Photo Editing: VSCO, Facetune, Instagram

VSCO has amazing filters, Facetune can be used to touch up any photo, but Instagram is also a solid option for filters that will build a cohesive feed.


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