How to Grow Your Social Media EASILY

Here's the secret to getting more likes on your posts on Instagram.........Engage!

⁠ Engage with:⁠ ⭐ YOUR audience⁠- Your Followers and Following⁠. They're already in your feed, might as well double tap! ⭐ The RELATIVE content that comes up on your Explore tab⁠ ⭐ The content under your ideal hashtags (ideal as in what applies to you, your business, and your audience the most!)⁠ ⁠ Engage? 💍⁠ Like, Comment, DM, Watch Stories, Participate in the engagement stickers of these social! ⁠ ⁠ WHY: ⁠ The best reason outside of the Instagram algorithm loving you for being social with other accounts, is that people usually ALWAYS reciprocate engagement! ⁠


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